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We have a large variety of apples.  Michigan’s climate has the benefit of warm, sunny days and cool nights, which allows for best color and flavor.  This is unique to Michigan apple growers.  Apples are sold in half and full peck bags.  Please email or Facebook message to order larger, half bushel quantities.


Our Apple Selection Includes

The Premier Honey Crisp ripens the first part of September.  It is the earliest of the Honey Crisp varieties.

Our EverCrisp apple is a cross between Fuji and Honeycrisp.  It has a sweet flavor.  It looks more like Fuji, but has the Honeycrisp texture.  It ripens in late October and gets its name from its greatest characteristic being storability.  Only a few farmers offer this apple. 


For Christmas, we offer a special apple gift box using our EverCrisp apple.  The package includes 40-45 apples in a cushioned box for $25, plus shipping.  It is a great way to share Michigan’s delicious apples with friends and family.  

  • Honey Crisp

  • Premier Honey Crisp

  • Roseland Red Honeycrisp

  • Zestar- Ripens late August

  • Royal Empire 

  • Golden Delicious

  • Rosalee

  • Ludacrisp

  • Ida Red

  • Rome

  • Jon-A-Gold

  • Red Macs

  • Sweet MAIA

  • Ambrose 

  • Fugi

  • Pink Lady  

  • EverCrisp

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