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Greg Williams is the owner and operator of Williams Orchards.  Greg was born and raised in Cedar, Michigan.  He is a first generation farmer, and has been farming for over 40 years.  His passion for farming started at the young age of five.  He remembers helping a family friend pick fresh cherries from the orchard and taking them to the processor.  His payment was ice cream on the way home!  Greg also grew up helping his mother and grandmother in their gardens.  Greg feels farming is more of a hobby than work because he truly loves doing it.   


Greg currently preserves 380 acres of Leelanau County for farm use.  With 10 different orchards scattered throughout the area, Greg has a crew of six full-time employees who help him maintain the orchards throughout the year with pruning, replanting, protecting the trees from frost and bugs, mowing the orchards to preserve the beauty of the area, as well as harvesting the fruit at its peak perfection. 

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