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What Makes Us Different


Welcome to Williams Leelanau Orchards 

Spread throughout beautiful Leelanau County we have several orchards hosting multiple varieties of cherries, apples, peaches, and other fruits to offer our customers.  We have two self-serve roadside farm stands located in Cedar, Michigan and Good Harbor, Michigan for locals and visitors to stop by and purchase our delicious produce.  These stands are refilled multiple times per day, so you will find the freshest possible picked fruits and vegetables at any given time, as well as being stocked with a variety of items.  Our products are available in different quantities (pint, quart, half peck, etc.)  If you are interested in larger quantities for canning, freezing, or whatever your need, please email us to order and we will be happy to fill your request.  

Most of our harvest is sold commercially to companies including wineries, farm markets, food processors, and grocery stores.  We sell our fruits to local businesses in Grand Traverse and Benzie Counties, but also sell to other states including New York.  Our goal is to continue to service these companies, but also to expand and offer our private customers larger quantities than what is available at the roadside stands, and wholesale options for small businesses.  


At this time, our orchards are owner harvest only, but we are happy to announce that we have just planted new orchards to have the U-Pick option available in the near future.  We anticipate they will be ready in three years, so please come back and visit us then for an enjoyable harvesting experience for all ages!  


Michelle is the smiling face you might see filling the roadside stands.  She enjoys talking to the customers, hearing their stories, and helping them in any way she can.

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